Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour Have you seen this fabulous homage to the late Charles Aznavour? This brilliant ice carving of the late French singer can be seen very close to our new spa facilities at La Toviere Hotel in La Daille. The likeness and detail is incredible. Charles Aznavour who was hailed as France’s answer to Frank Sinatra sadly passed away on October 1stthis year. Did you know he sold more than 100m records in 80 countries and had about 1,400 songs to his name, including 1,300 he wrote himself, but he is most famously remembered for the ballad ‘SHE’. If you are down this way do come and say hello.

Lots of snow - be careful of your knees

There was about 30cm of snow overnight . We are having a great start to the season. When there is powder it is amazing but be careful of your knees. You are more likely to catch an edge and fall with powder. This can cause you to tear one of your knee ligaments , the most common ones being your Medial Collateral Ligament and your Anterior Collateral Ligament. Enjoy the powder but be sensible .

The cold increase the chance of shoulder and back pain.

The conditions are amazing at the moment. Yesterday was very very cold but the snow was super. Here is my oldest enjoying the club des sport in Val d'Isere yesterday. With cold temperatures you are more likely to tense up your shoulders which cause back and shoulder injuries. If you feel extra achy around your shoulders and back after a cold day on the mountain, I would suggest to have a sports massage to relax you.

Injury Prevention - Rehab properly after a previous injury

We are nearly 3 weeks into the season and the snow is amazing. Every year at the beginning of the season, I see many people who come to me for physiotherapy for previous injuries they have not rehabbed properly. They find that the injury is not a problem when they are not skiing but due to the demands of skiing or boarding they start having problems almost straight away. If anyone has a past injury and they do not have the same muscle strength that they had before the injury please come and see us for exercises and advice. If your muscles as not strong you are a lot more likely to have an injury and it could mean the end of the season. Listen to your body and be sensible . That way