Powder day = tired legs

There has been around 30 cm of snow in the last 12 days. The snow is heavy and the pistes are bumpy. Why not treat yourself to a sports massage to help decrease those aches and pains, so you feel fresh for your skiing tomorrow.

It's a bluebird powder day!

It is a beautiful powder day today. Powder is amazing but tiring. Why not book yourself a massage for after skiing to help decrease the muscle pain and tightness and to make you feel fresh for tomorrow. A good sports massage can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Happy Russian Christmas

Happy Russian Christmas Many of us will have packed away our Christmas decorations on the twelth night but today January 7this Christmas Day in Russia and marks the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian Orthodox tradition. Although banned during the Soviet times, Christmas is now regaining its popularity and religious meaning in Russia.Many people visit friends and relatives, as well as give and receive presents, on January 7. Christmas Eve also signals the end of lent and the start of the Christmas feasting. It is traditional for Russians to have a New Year Holiday Week which this year runs from January 1stto 8th.

Walking on Ice

Walking safely on ice It’s one thing to take care on the slopes but many accidents occur around town too. There’s currently a big build up of ice on the pavements and sides of the road, so do be careful when walking around town either in ski boots or shoes. Here’s a few tips to bear in mind when out and about. . Anticipate ice – a pavement that appears to be wet may actually be black ice. Approach it with caution. Also be careful on the snowy bits as these are now thinly covering the ice. Keep your hands free – Having your hands in your pockets decreases your balance and prevents you from breaking your fall if you slip. In fact, extending your arms out to the sides can significantly impr

The hard snow increase the risk of back pain .

We have been seeing a lot of clients that have had back pain in the last few weeks. Old injuries have been aggravated and new injuries have occured. The lack of snow in the last 3 weeks mean that the pistes are very hard. This puts more pressure / vibration through your joints which is the reason why you may have new or old injuries causing you problems. If you are having problems I would suggest giving your body a rest day and try doing something different like swimming, going to the gym, going for a walk, pilates, yoga , climbing or just having a hot chocolate! A massage would really help to relax your muscles that could very well be in spasm causing you a lot of pain. If you nee