Cassandra Kay Haber – Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) from University of Malta and MSc (Hons) from University of Roehampton

Cassandra is a Chartered Physiotherapist who graduated with a Bachelors from the University of Malta in 2013. She has worked in the Maltese national health service for four years and gained a wide variety of experience in different fields of physiotherapy namely respiratory, orthopaedic, vascular, neurology, paediatrics, mental health and oncology.

Cassandra has furthered her qualifications by studying for a Masters in Biomechanics at the University of Roehampton and working in a private musculoskeletal clinic in London. During her studies, she focused on movement analysis and exercise performance in both clinical and sports populations.

Cassandra has carried out the APPI Pilates course which enables her to teach clinical Pilates to facilitate rehabilitation after injury. She is also certified in AACP acupuncture and in the application of elastotaping.

Cassandra is a strong believer of manual therapy and exercise for effective rehabilitation after an injury. She is able to assess posture and analyse movement execution in order to tailor a physiotherapeutic programme to promote effective recovery.

Although relatively new to winter sports, Cassandra loves snowboarding and is keen to also learn how to ski this season. When not in the mountains, Cassandra enjoys free diving in the Mediterranean and doing different kinds of ariel acrobatics.

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Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage in Val d'Isere
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