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Summer time in Val d'Isère

The summer is a mixture of work, quality time with the children and enjoying the fantastic opportunities living in the mountains give us. This year I participated in the Tignes trail run which was a fantastic event. A 21km run with 1400m ascent was challenging but good fun. Bravo Tignes - it was very well organised and has definitely given me the trail running bug!! We have just returned from a 2 week holiday in the South of France and now are all ready for the start of school tomorrow. The winter is fast approaching and booking have already started to come in. If anyone would like massages, physio or pilates we are open. Please phone 0750847724 or email

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Tignes Trail run

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We are open this summer

We are having a glorious summer here in Val d'Isere. I am open for Physio, Massage and Pilates.

Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage in Val d'Isere
Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage in Val d'Isere
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