Fantastic Weekend skiing

We have had a full on weekend of skiing this weekend. My 6 year old daughter started Pre-Club with the Val d'Isère ski club. They skied all day Saturday and Sunday and she loved it.

I skied with my 4 year old son. This time of year is lovely with young children - you can almost relax a bit and stop worrying about collisions as there are hardly any people around. Yesterday was a whiteout and today the sun was shining. Cold but beautiful. I was so happy to see my son so happy and confident skiing . He broke his leg skiing last year on the 1st of January and had all but the end of the season out. He managed to ski the last week of the season but you could tell he wanted to ski but was very nervous . This weekend there were no nerves from him at all! Just me! . His leg is 100% fine . When a child breaks a bone it heals stronger than before they broke it. Amazing the human body.

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