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Walking on Ice

Walking safely on ice

It’s one thing to take care on the slopes but many accidents occur around town too. There’s currently a big build up of ice on the pavements and sides of the road, so do be careful when walking around town either in ski boots or shoes.

Here’s a few tips to bear in mind when out and about.


  1. Anticipate ice – a pavement that appears to be wet may actually be black ice. Approach it with caution. Also be careful on the snowy bits as these are now thinly covering the ice.

  2. Keep your hands free – Having your hands in your pockets decreases your balance and prevents you from breaking your fall if you slip. In fact, extending your arms out to the sides can significantly improve balance. Be sure to wear gloves or mittens for warmth and keep those arms free!

  3. Take slow, short steps – Take the time to plant your feet securely with each deliberate step. Grab onto a hand rail or a friend for extra support.

  4. Improve your centre of gravity – Increase your stability by pointing your feet slightly outward and keeping your body weight directly over your feet as much as possible. Think of the penguin waddle!

  5. Wear proper footwear – Shoes with large treads that allow the entire surface of the foot to come in contact with the ground are safest.. Or invest in a pair of crampons that slip over your shoes, available in most ski shops, it may be the best €15 you spend this holiday.

  6. Land safely – If you do slip, try to avoid landing on your tailbone, which can be particularly painful and slow to heal. Falling onto a fleshy part of your body, such as your side, is best if you can control it.

If you do need help after a fall our team of expert Physiotherapists at Action Sportive are on hand to help diagnose any injuries and help you on your road to recovery. If you want to get in touch please call us on +33 750 84 7724

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