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What is Hot Stone Massage?  And what are the benefits?

During the Autumn I was able to add to my skills, hot stone massage. I did the course with the Natural Therapy Studio, in Devon. It was a fasincating, very well run, one to one course. I was amazed at how the use of Hot Stones can add to a very Deep Sports Massage and have an amazing effect on the body. Hot Stone Massage uses Sports massage techniques with the use of hot stones. Instead of using ones hands you use hot stones which not only gives a lovely warm relaxation sensation but can also mean a very deep sports massage. During the massage hot stones are also places on parts of the body that are not being massaged at the time which keeps you lovely and warm during the massage and adds to the relaxation experience. The Hot Stones that are used during the massage are Basalt Stones which are formed by sedimentary and volcanic action. The colour of the stones vary from dark gray to a greenish colour to almost black.

When the Stones are placed on your body the body absorbs the heat by conduction and not able does it give a lovely relaxation experience it helps increase circulation of the blood which helps to clear all the unwanted metabolic waste in the body like lactic acid which causes muscle soreness. It will therefore make you feel much better for skiing the next day and less likely to have a sports injury due to fatigue and therefore need Physiotherapy during your holiday.

Here are the main benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

  • helps to flush away toxins by the use of heat and massage techiques by taking all the unwanted toxins to the lymph nodes.

  • evidence shows that it decreases the risk of DOMS ( delayed-onset muscle soreness) This is pain in the muscles that occur a few hours after exercise. The Sports massage techiques helps break up adhensions from microtrauma in the muscles therefore decreasing pain therefore helping to prevent Sports injury.

  • Muscles that are used alot during exercise find it difficult to relax and are therefore more prone to injuries and soreness. The Sports massage techiques and heat help relax the muscles therefore preventing sporting injuries

  • Helps emotionally if one is feeling stressed out

  • Helps have a better nights sleep

The Hot Stone Massage kit can be brought to your appartment or chalet and all I need is a plug or you can come to our therapy room in La Daille.

If you would like to book a Hot Stone massage during your stay in Vald'Isere, Tignes or Ste Foy, please phone : +33 750 84 77 24 or email

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