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Skiing in snowy conditions

There was around 55cm of snow during the weekend in Vald'isère, more around Le Fornet and more on the way later today! Skiing in powder/ bumpy pistes is much hard than skiing on well groomed runs. You will find your quads burn a lot more in these conditions! Make sure you do not ski to exhaustion as this is when you are more likely to injury yourself. In these conditions the most common injury that we see is knee ligaments. It is much easier to catch a ski and twist your knee in powder/ uneven pistes than on groomed ones.

Here are a few tips to help prevent injury during your holiday:

Listen to your body to avoid injury, stop if you feel like your legs will not do what you want them to do!

Stretch after skiing especially your quad, calf and gluteal muscles.

Have a sports massage as this will help you recover faster

Drink lots of water

You should start doing ski specific exercises at least 6 weeks before your skiing holiday. If you would like more information this email: or phone 0033 750 84 77 24

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