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Winter Season is fast approaching

It is still hot down in Bourg St.Maurice ( as you can see in the photo) but about 9 degrees cooler up in Val d'Isère. There have been some hard frosts during the night and lovely sunshine during the day.

The lifts in Vald'Isère open exactly 2 months today, 26th November 2016. There is already a little snow on peaks and there was a sprinkling of snow in resort a week ago.

We are heading back to the UK for a month on the 14th October as Henry is doing his annual pre-season avalanche training. If you are interested in going to one of his events , click on this link to see his programme.

Whilst in the UK, I am looking forward to going on a couple of physiotherapy and massage courses . I am updating my knowledge on ACL injuries and doing an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehab Update course and I am also doing an Indian Head massage course. We are open for physiotherapy and massage appointment from now until the 15th October and then we are back open on the 20th November. If you would like an appointment please phone on +33 750847724 or email

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