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on-piste and resort safety for children:

1. DORSAL BACK PROTECTORS : my children, 6,5 & 3 all have them in case of an out-of control irresponsible adult collides with them . Wearing a back protector can greatly help reduce the risk of a serious back injury

2. DANGER UNDER ROOFS of falling ice and snow : I am VERY strict with our children about where they play. NEVER under a roof.

3. CROSSING THE ROAD & BUSES (remember to look left first!) People drive much to fast in most skier resorts - mostly locals - they somehow think they are in Monaco on the Formula 1 race track...I would add here that this applies especially in around the bus stops, the bus drivers can't see everything and the kids excitement along with your preoccupation with all the kit, can easily lead to the children getting dangerously too close to multiple wheels of the bus coming in or out of the bus stops.

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