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Lovely to meet a client walking part the GR 5 route

I had the pleasure to meet a client who was walking part of the GR 5 route with her husband. Unfortunately she had injured her calf and was worried she may not be able to carry on. Thankfully after some physio and K-tape she felt much better. I received this lovely text from her today.

"We have just arrived in Bessans. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to go for it. Feel a bit tired but the leg is holding out well. It was a real pleasure to meet you." Liz.

At Action Sportive our mission is about helping people to get back to their sports as quickly as possible. Some of the time we have to tell them not to carry on with their sport due to the risk of further injury which I find always sad, however when you can help someone to achieve their goal it is so satisfying.

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