Tough day on the slopes? Why not book a sports and remedial massage to accelerate your recovery? How can this help me you ask? Well one of the main benefits of a post ski massage is to restore the soft tissues back to a pre-exercise stateby applying general massage and stretching techniques.

Other benefits also include:

- Help to highlight any injuries or tissue damage

- Assist in normalizing tissue

- Restore muscle tone

- Restore resting muscle length

- Encourage blood flow to any congested areas

- Reduce muscle soreness

- Restore flexibility

- Relieve muscle cramps or spasms

- Support metabolic recovery

One of our highly experienced therapists can help you achieve this in just one session. Why not give us a call to book on +33 750 84 77 24. Treatments available in our base at Hotel La Toviere, La Daille or in the comfort of your chalet, apartment or Hotel.


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