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Had a bad fall?

By Cassandra K. Haber

Whether you fell whilst skiing down the mountain or slipped when walking on the icy pavement, a fall can result in a serious injury.

An injury to the back is the most common fall-related injury. The deep muscles of the back may experience a strain during a fall. These back muscles provide postural support and mobility of the spine. Thus, trunk movements such as twisting, bending and reaching may be painful in the case of a muscular injury of the back. Bruising and a general muscle ache at rest may also be present. Muscles are vascular structures and tend to heal fast. If the pain persists for more than a few days, you should see a physiotherapist.

Acute back pain may develop into chronic back pain if the right care is not taken after an injury. Strength and flexibility training is essential to recover optimal muscular function following trauma. Pilates and Yoga are very good exercise modalities that work on both core stability, postural control and flexibility. Apart from back injury rehabilitation purposes, such exercise would be beneficial if integrated into a healthy lifestyle.

If your pain is directly on the backbone , especially if standing is painful and you have trouble breathing, you should have a thorough medical examination as this could be a result of a spinal fracture.

How to avoid a fall?

· Wear shoes with grippy soles or spikes that you can put over your shoes and walk slowly on ice.

· If you are skiing, take note of the people around you and stay on slopes at your level of ability.

Stay safe!

If you unfortunately have injured yourself and would like some advice from one of our physiotherapists please phone 0033 750847724

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