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We run private Physiotherapy led Yoga sessions in the comfort of your own residence or in our clinic on the ground floor in the Portillo.


Yoga is a brilliant form of exercise which helps connect our mind and body through the use of our breath (prana). As we move through a range of different asana’s (postures) we will use our breath/prana to connect the flow. We will focus on calming the mind and strengthening the body to create a perfect balance. It is the union between our physical and mental health.


Yoga and skiing have many attributes in common, and ones that we can utilise to help us improve both our control and performance within the two activities. Both yoga and skiing require balance and flexibility, endurance, strength and control as well as focus. By incorporating yoga into our daily lives, we are able to transfer the above skills into any activity we pursue including skiing and therefore improving our mind and body pre and post ski.


We can use Yoga as an energising or restorative exercise pre or post ski:

- Pre-ski yoga can help facilitate a gentle warm up of the whole body. Strengthening, flexibility and breathing exercises included, to help reduce the risk of injuries and calm the mind before your first run.

-Post-ski yoga can help you to cool down, unwind and stretch those muscles that have been working hard all day. It is also a brilliant way to prepare for the next day of skiing.


Our teacher Georgina is a fully qualified physiotherapist and has a wealth of anatomy knowledge which facilitates her sessions in tailoring it to your specific needs. Georgina offers Vinyasa Flow yoga sessions which incorporates some Ashtanga and Hatha asanas. Her sessions are suitable mainly for beginner/ intermediate yogi’s, individual and small groups.


Please get in touch to book your session(s) now.

Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage in Val d'Isere
Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage in Val d'Isere
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