The hard snow increase the risk of back pain .

We have been seeing a lot of clients that have had back pain in the last few weeks. Old injuries have been aggravated and new injuries have occured. The lack of snow in the last 3 weeks mean that the pistes are very hard. This puts more pressure / vibration through your joints which is the reason why you may have new or old injuries causing you problems. If you are having problems I would suggest giving your body a rest day and try doing something different like swimming, going to the gym, going for a walk, pilates, yoga , climbing or just having a hot chocolate! A massage would really help to relax your muscles that could very well be in spasm causing you a lot of pain. If you need to see a physiotherapist they would be able to access whether joint mobilisation would help you and start you on a treatment plan to help your injury. If you would like anymore information please contact us on +33 750847724 or email


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