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Using massage to help your muscles recover after a day on the slopes.

With all this wonderful deep powdery snow it may be that your muscles are starting to fatigue and your skiing become more laboured. If you’re feeling tired or sore you should consider one of our ‘recovery massages’ to help you get back on track. A recovery massage is the application of massage techniques performed as soon as possible after sport in order to reduce muscle tension, soreness and recovery time.

What are the Main Goals of a Recovery Massage?

The primary goal of a recovery massage is to reduce the amount of recovery time required before hitting the slopes again. However, the following are also important goals of the treatment;

  • Reduce muscular tension

  • Reduce immediate muscle soreness and prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

  • Prevent injury

  • Promote a state of relaxation

  • Relieve increased muscle tone

How Can a Recovery Massage Help Your Skiing?

  • Reduce the chance of injury

  • Improve your performance by increasing muscular flexibility and joint range of motion

  • Increase vascular flow to tissues, maximizing nutrient and oxygen supply

  • Improve the elimination of lactic waste products, which result from muscle contraction during physical activity

  • Shorten recovery time between ski sessions

  • Decreases fatigue

So if you’re feeling low on energy and a bit wiped out from your time in the mountains then do get in touch and one of our expert therapists will be able to help your muscles recover.

Feel Better …. Ski Better

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Action Sportive Physiotherapy and Massage in Val d'Isere
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